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Essentia Company - Produkcia - soja

Ingredients for dietetic foods and nutritional supplements

Enzyme-hydrolysed protein from potatoes, whey, soy, eggs and rice

Protein-wholegrain extruded ingredients

Grain extracts

Essentia Company - Produkcia - výživové doplnky

Dietary supplements and special foods

Sports, wellness, special diet, elderly or children

The manufacture of individually designed products for other companies is our number one occupation. Our own product ideas are tested and sold under the AONE Nutrition brand.

Customers are thus offered to enrich their portfolio with our proven AONE products. In case you bring your own product ideas, Essentia can take care of the entire process; starting with the development, all the way to your final product. That includes all necessary paper work.

Essentia Company - Produkcia - kapsule


Hard gelatin capsules

– 1, 0 and 00 size capsules can be filled. Color options are white, transparent or colorless, and custom colors can be made for orders of over 1 million capsules.

Essentia Company - Produkcia - kapsule


Cellulose capsules – HPMC

– for all-vegan products, avoiding any animal-based ingredient.

– Size options are 0 and 00, white or colorless. Size 1 and custom colors for > 1 million capsule orders only.

Essentia Company - Produkcia - tablety


– Tablet size options range from 5 to 60 mm, round or oblong shaped.

Essentia Company - Produkcia - prašok


– blending selected ingredients

– sports nutrition and dietary supplements

– liquid ingredients can be added (e.g. oil)

– blender capacity is 1000 liters

Essentia Company - Produkcia - tekuté koncentráty

Liquid concentrates

– Vitamin and minerals, energy or recovery blends

– Batch size from 120 to 3000 liters

Essentia Company - Produkcia - gély


– Disposable sachets

– Proven formulas

Essentia Company - Produkcia tyčinky


– Baked and dried

– Energy or protein focused

– Using custom-made protein and wholegrain extruded ingredients

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