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Apr 1995

Since its establishment in 1995, Essentia has gradually developed into an internationally operating production and marketing company.

Sep 1997

“We first started with raw food ingredient production. Our ensymatic protein hydrolysates are still an imnportant part of our portfolio. Special new technologies and the manufacture of final products are gradually being introduced. “

Jan 2000

The entire process takes place at our facilities; beginning with an idea, all the way to a marketable product. Our experienced biochemistry and food specialists lead a highly skilled team in order to develop new technologies and formulas. Quality control, product testing and analysis are an integral part of the manufacturing process to ensure smooth operation, all the way to the final product.

Aug 2006

Our ISO 22000:2006 development and manufacture certificate proves that Essentia adheres to the strictest quality management standards. 

The world-renowned HACCP concept is applied in our production process.

Sep 2020

Located in Veľký Grob, Essentia produces cutting-edge nutritional supplements, dietetic foods and food ingredients of the highest quality at affordable prices, using top-notch machine equipment.

Essentia Company – About us

Specials and small batches are just as comitting for us as large scale orders.


Formula development – custom product manufacture

Our team of experts develops customized dietary supplements, tailored to the customer’s request. Quality-controlled ingredients are used to guarantee superior products.

Standard formulas

With years of experience, we offer pre-made recipes based on our proven, reliable formulas.


A wide range of jars, bottles and sachets are available for your products. Tablets and capsuled can also be blister packed.


A truly complete set of services at one place!


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