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Essentia develops and manufactures

Essentia develops and manufactures

Essentia Company - Produkcia - gély

Liquid gels and concentrates

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Essentia s.r.o.

  • Dietary supplements in tablet, capsule, powder and liquid forms
  • Dietary foods like nutrition bars and extruded grains
  • Ingredients: Enzyme hydrolysed protein, grain extracts and special extruded grains
  • We use our highly flexible equipment to help develop new technologies.
  • We offer not only to manufacture your products; we can also help to improve their design.

Essentia s.r.o.

Thanks to years of experience, we possess a wide scale of manufacturing options, as well as ingredient and blending knowledge. This allows us to meet your demand and develop unique formulas for you.

Our development labs and production plants work hand in hand to ensure a smooth, efficient manufacture process. (ISO 22000:2006 and GMP).

A skilled, flexible team of workers, flawless logistics and a widely equipped manufacturing system quarantee your products’ quality and quick delivery.



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